elizabeth-minter-150x112Elizabeth’s Hope was founded in 2011 by Elizabeth Minter, along with her family and friends, in collaboration with her neurosurgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Greenfield, director of the Weill Cornell Children’s Brain Tumor Project.

Watch a tribute to Elizabeth’s Hope, from the Weill Cornell Children’s Brain Tumor Project team:

Elizabeth’s Hope funds a groundbreaking research initiative offering neuroscientists at the Weill Cornell Pediatric Brain and Spine Center the unprecedented ability to identify the unique molecular characteristics of their patients’ brain tumors. Each patient’s tumor’s mutations are different. Knowing the specific molecular “fingerprint” of the tumor allows physicians to prescribe a customized tumor therapy designed to produce the best outcome . This personalized tumor therapy is the key to finding cures for rare brain tumors like gliomatosis cerebri, the cancer that claimed Elizabeth’s life in May 2012.

Elizabeth’s Hope will fund the novel genomic sequencing technology to obtain these “fingerprints” and to make it available pro bono for under-served pediatric patients who would otherwise be unable to have access to or afford this novel treatment.

In addition, Elizabeth’s Hope is founding a national registry to encourage inter-institutional collaboration; aggregate samples of these rare and inoperable tumors across the United States, accelerating the development of clinical trials; and offer special hope for those patients whose tumors are so rare that minimal resources are directed towards elucidating their cause and treatment.

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Read Elizabeth’s story, then find out how you can help in this critical effort. You can even join the “Lov 4 Liz” dream team that’s raising funds and awareness for the Children’s Brain Tumor Research Project.