Dear Friends and Supporters,

It was just over a year ago that Elizabeth and we decided to join Dr. Greenfield in pursuit of his long-held goal to make a difference for children and adolescents with inoperable brain cancer — to eventually offer real hope to other young people who receive these difficult diagnoses. By November, the Children’s Brain Tumor Project (the research project) and Elizabeth’s Hope (a funding mechanism) were launched. Elizabeth lived to see the project become a reality.

We are so grateful for the initial outpouring of support. We have raised over $500,000. So many people have given. Most satisfying are the number of generous, creative people who have stepped forward to organize events or sell products for her cause. Our early success gives us confidence, and we want to maintain the momentum.

Knowing that tremendous strides are being made in the treatment of many adult cancers, while watching a child relentlessly attacked physically, emotionally, and intellectually by brain cancer and ultimately succumbing is devastating. However, believing we can ultimately make a difference for other children like Elizabeth inspires us. There is so much to be done. We feel privileged to have you join us.

With heartfelt gratitude,
Mike and Emmie, Trey and Will

Read the Summer 2012 Children’s Brain Tumor Project lab update from Dr. Greenfield.