Dearest Elizabeth,

Can it be that today you would be 25? So hard to believe. It’s even harder to accept that this is the fourth birthday without you. We still think of and miss you everyday.

Our greatest fear is that our memories will fade and that others will forget. In the last few weeks our fears of others forgetting have been muted by so many acts of kindness and remembrance. Thank you all. Elizabeth, clearly your capacity for friendship and courage in facing the worst had an Impact. We take comfort in the knowledge that your short life was well lived.

We still wait for signs from you. In recent days we have seen several “sun dogs” on the ski slopes. We call them “sun Angels”. Each time we see one, we think it’s a kind of wink, smile, or kiss from you.

We never ask ourselves “why” you were the unlucky one who got this awful, deadly brain cancer. However, we do dare to wonder, “What if there had been better treatment options or a cure?” IMAGINE…….

We know a cure was your dream up until the very end. Please be assured that we and so many others share and are committed to that vision.

Love, Mom and Dad

P.S. We know that many are disappointed that we are not hosting the EH Party this Spring. Stay tuned, as we are a planning a party in the autumn to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Elizabeth’s Hope. No Elizabeth–we could never forget you. Memories and your spirit bless us everyday.